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6 Interesting Features of IBM Cloud Paks

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The pandemic has forced all businesses to go digital and having a strong digital strategy is a must to stay competitive in the market. Businesses are constantly undergoing digital transformation and migrating their operations to the cloud. This is because of the several benefits such as improved efficiency, reduced costs and more offered by cloud computing to organizations.

What Are IBM Cloud Paks?

IBM Cloud Paks offer solutions for organizations struggling to migrate to the cloud. They help modernize existing applications and build cloud-native applications using Red Hat’s flagship OpenShift container platform. The containers help developers pack and deliver apps to be run without setup or installation. This process helps make the modernization and integration of apps easier on the cloud.

Six Features of IBM Cloud Paks

Here are six amazing features of IBM Cloud Paks that help make cloud migration easier for organizations.

Facilitation of Cloud Migration

Cloud Paks help organizations not yet prepared for cloud migration. OpenShift container platform used by Cloud Paks allows organizations to start the process of managing the on-premise environment in a manner similar to the cloud. The workloads can be developed using container technology and the overall infrastructure management efforts are minimized.


IBM Cloud Paks operate on portable containers that can be used on on-premise, integrated systems and public clouds. It helps facilitate cloud migration by offering a container-based platform that can be used to build and deploy on the cloud.

Open & Secure Platform

Since security data is spread across various IT departments, clouds and tools, it can be difficult to integrate tools and information. IBM Cloud Paks for Security provides an open and secure platform to minimize the efforts required for the integration and managing of tools and information. They provide full stack support to help organizations mitigate risks and ensure business continuity at all times.

Streamlined Collection & Analysis of Data

Using IBM Cloud Pak for data, organizations can update the collection and analysis of data and leverage AI. With built-in governance across cloud properties, data is securely collected and organized before analysis. IBM Cloud Pak for data also helps in the integration of applications and analytics.

Specific Consumption

IBM Cloud Paks are designed for five specific use cases. This means that you pay for the functions you need and only when you need them. You can use the type of solution you require for a smooth transition and are required to pay only for that.

Achieving Cloud Agility

IBM Cloud Paks helps organizations become more agile with integration. It takes the load off of organizations and allows them to focus better on developing and launching products in the market in a shorter time.

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