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Why Modernize Your Web Apps Through Cloud Migration?

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Today, a great customer experience holds the key to a business’s success. It can provide greater employee satisfaction, helps with customer retention and drive more revenue. Moving web apps to the cloud can help enhance customer experience and make things more convenient.

Cloud solutions enable organizations to add new and improved features quickly and improve scalability and flexibility. It takes the load off the IT department and lets them focus on other strategic priorities.

What Is Application Modernization?

The process of repurposing old legacy applications with new internal architecture, infrastructure platforms and the latest features is called application modernization.

Using outdated features can be counterproductive as they may not align with the modern requirements of a business. The features that don’t function properly or no longer meet the needs of a business need to be upgraded for efficiency.

Cloud migration is the main technology used for application modernization. It allows businesses to scale their apps using private, public or hybrid cloud services and cost less than upgrading on traditional IT infrastructure. 

Benefits of Modernizing Your Web Apps Through Cloud Migration

Here are some of the main advantages of moving your web apps to the cloud. 

Enhanced customer experience

Customers now expect a great experience along with a great product. However, it can be incredibly challenging to offer a greater customer experience when using older versions of applications. Application modernization through cloud migration lets you use the cloud environment to enrich customer experience and offer better customer service. 

Reduced costs

Older versions of apps are not very economical for a business as they need more money for maintenance. These older apps are also hosted on in-premise data centers that makes up an additional cost for maintenance.

When apps are modernized and moved to the cloud, businesses can get rid of these extra costs and get an overall reduced budget for maintaining applications. 

Enhanced productivity

Legacy apps can hinder productivity as they may not be compatible with modern hardware and systems. It can cause lags, bugs, errors and frustration among employees. Modernized apps offer much better communication between the teams and the tasks can be completed quickly with no lags or bugs. This results in overall increased productivity in the business. 

Generate more revenue

Businesses need to add new processes and services to enhance their customer experience. But legacy apps do not offer the flexibility for improved features. Modernized web apps on the cloud let an organization add more functions, features and changes that help boost customer experience and ultimately, revenue. 

Improved security

Cybersecurity threats have increased tremendously in the recent years and the hackers have become more sophisticated in their ways. It had caused an increased need for strict security to protect critical information in organizations.

Outdated applications can have many unidentified or identified security vulnerabilities, increasing the risk of cyberattacks. Hackers can leverage these older versions to gain access to an organization’s system and cause heavy damages. Modernized apps are constantly upgraded to the latest versions and get bug fixes against new threats. It increases the security in an organization and helps keep critical information safe.

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