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Drive Financial Digital Transformation with These Practices

This eBook explores the various elements, recommendations and practices that have the potential to reform your organization so you can start your journey to transformation.

OpenText’s Guide to Building a Successful Text Mining Strategy

This guide offers six tips to help organizations get the most out of their text mining project.

Unlock the Strategic Value of Your Print Infrastructure

This eBook on Print Transformation Playbook explores how a cloud-based approach helps organizations drive digital transformation.

Digital Transformation in the Energy Sector

This white paper on digital transformation in the energy sector explores why operational excellence is a necessity today, a case study on energy sector and more! 

How to Select the Best Cloud Fax Service in 2022

The best cloud fax service for your organization will depend on your specific requirements.

Choose the Right ERP Solution Provider for Your Business

Choosing the right ERP solution or re-evaluating your current solution requires key factors.  

Benefits of Recruitment Tech & AI

There’s a lot of buzz around technology and artificial intelligence (AI) in recruitment these days.

How to Protect Your Company’s Human Capital?

Protect your company's human capital with the top employee recognition practices.  


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Can We Expect to See Artificial General Intelligence in GPT-4? + When Can We Expect to See GPT-4 Published?

GPT-4 is about to be released to the public and is supposedly close to what some may consider Artificial General Intelligence.

After a Thousand Photos Were Taken With Each Camera, We Compared the Pixel 7 Pro, the S22 Ultra, and the iPhone 14 Pro

This year even the iPhone 14 Pro has a 48MP camera which is still half as many as the 108MP of the Samsung S22 Ultra but almost the same as the Pixel 7 Pro’s 50MPs. So to crown the best smartphone camera of 2022 Becca took 1000 photos on each of them.

The Deep Learning Algorithm: A Real-world Machine Learning Solution

Welcome back to People and Planet AI, where we explore how machine learning helps us understand the biological variety and variability on Earth. In this episode, we show how we can use deep learning for almost any supervised learning job, allowing us to accelerate our work for climate-based solutions. Watch to learn why we use neural networks in our People & Planet AI developer series!


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Top Ecommerce Marketing Strategies of 2022

We've put together an overview of effective marketing methods and eCommerce solutions to help you put each plan into practice.

How Health and Safety Technology Has Transformed the Retail Industry?

The retail industry is one of the largest and employs billions globally. This means that this industry is also responsible for the health and safety of billions of people and must have stringent measures for safety.

5 Best Weatherproof And Wireless Outdoor Speakers

Whether you are cleaning your lawn or organizing a barbeque party, or just want to enjoy a yoga session in the open air, a good speaker would make your listening experience much better.